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  • Jun 19, 2018
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    IMPACT - Early Years Celebration Events 2017!

    March 01, 2017

    Impact.jpg Calling all children born in 2012 / 2013…IMPACT is coming!

    IMPACT is a 3-4 year old school readiness program that KidsFirst holds in as many communities as possible.

    IMPACT is a fun event for the whole family!  This year's theme ~ Under the Sea~ is sure to appeal to both girls and boys!  Parents and children circulate through ten different stations, in whichever order they choose, at their own pace.  Each station offers a fun activity geared to enhance a specific area of your child's development.   Families can do the activity together and then receive an item to continue the learning at home.  By the time they circulate through all the stations, children will leave with a bag full of educational activities to continue the learning at home.

    Children need to learn how to play with others, take turns, care about others and feel good about themselves.  The Tropical Fish Bean Bag Toss and Fish Pond stations focus on play, turn-taking and good old-fashioned fun!

    Children learn best when they are well-rested and well-fed.  Learn about healthy and fun KID APPROVED snacks at the Fish in the Ocean Station! Active children develop their large (gross) muscles by running, jumping and playing.  Grasping crayons and picking up small objects helps develop their small (fine) muscles.  The Sea Life Dough Stamping stations focus on fine muscle development, which will help your child with such tasks as holding a pencil.

    Bring language, books and numbers to life!  One of the best ways parents can prepare children for school is to read to them, right from when they are babies!  Hang out with Shaun the Shy Shark in the Story Tent and relate the stories to children's lives and experiences. Have your children see if Shaun the Shy Shark will be Friends with Jennie the Jellyfish at the Jelly Fish Craft table! This gives you the opportunity to discuss with your child what being a good friend is all about.

    Explore numbers and puzzles together at the Fishbowl Counting station!  Have fun discovering and sorting different kinds of sea creatures at the Feel & Discover Science Station.
    Play is children's work.  It's how they learn about world, and parents are essential partners in their play. Encourage your child to explore the world by encouraging them to play with many different toys and materials – clay, leaves, water, and sand!   Put together the Ocean life puzzle and learn all about the different creatures that live "Under the Sea!"

    Below are the current dates planned for our IMPACTS. Typically they run 2 hours in length.  

    May 15 – Churchbridge Daycare – 6 pm

    May 16 – Stockholm – school gymnasium – 630 pm

    May 17 Theodore – St. Theodore School Gymnasium – 530 pm

    May 18 – Calder – Calder school – 1 pm

    May 19 – Langenburg – 10 am school gymnasium

    May 26 – Dr. Brass Pre K families – 930 am 

    June 1 – Preeceville elementary school – 6 pm

    June 2 – Esterhazy elementary school gym – 2 pm

    June 5 – Saltcoats School gym – 6 pm

    June 9 – Yorkton Family Resource Centre – 10 am

    Watch for your invitation in the mail!

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