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  • Jun 19, 2018
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    Three Schools + Two Divisions = A positive learning day!

    March 17, 2017

    2017 03 16 In Focus2.jpgGrayson School hosted North Valley Elementary School and Miller School for a Learning Day on Thursday, March 9. Four groups rotated through a variety of different sessions.

    Literacy Session,hosted by Mrs. Charlotte Raine, GSSD Literacy Coordinator

    • Mrs. Raine taught the students about the benefits of having a library card with Parkland Regional Library. Students had the opportunity to explore the library website and learn how to access the literature available on the website.

    First Nations Session, hosted by Mr. James Chartrand, First Nations presenter and Mr. Mark Forsythe, GSSD Superintendent of Education

    • Students had the opportunity to make a beaded headdress. Mr. Chartrand also spent time with students storytelling, singing and drumming.

    Badminton Skills Session, hosted by Mr. Troy Frick, North Valley Elementary Principal

    • Mr. Frick offered instruction on basic badminton skills and students were given time to practise their newly developed skills.

    Understanding Our Brain Session, hosted by Ms. Britton Houdek and Mr. Brent Mckee, Sunrise Mental Health

    • Students learned how their brains work and how to calm themselves when feeling anxious. The presenters spoke about the workings of the "dinosaur", "monkey" and "owl" brain and taught students how to recognize these feelings within themselves.

    Mr. Chartrand spoke to the group about the First Nations beliefs in respect for our animals and for Mother Earth. He told the story of the creation of Nanabush which ended in the making of a beautiful dreamcatcher. The day ended with the whole group participating in some drumming and singing.