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  • Jun 22, 2018
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    April 19, 2017

    Paws.jpgPJ Gillen School in Esterhazy has committed to becoming a more "Pawsitive" school and began their Positive Behaviour Intervention Support (PBIS) journey this past Fall. A PBIS Committee was formed that includes Administration, Teachers, the School Counsellor, and the Behavior Coach.

    PJ Gillen staff took some time in the Fall to construct a Behavior Matrix to outline their expectations in the school. They quickly came to realize that these expectations needed to be explicitly taught to their students and practiced by everyone in their building. They are continuing to build and add to their behavior matrix as they are confident in an area of focus.

    A first step at PJ Gillen was to develop "PAWS." PAWS is displayed throughout the classrooms, and hallways, to remind students of behavior expectations. They developed these as a staff and based their Behavior Matrix expectations around these four categories.

    The first behavior focus was Voice Levels in their school. Students were taught the expectation in every grade and their common language developed. They continue to reinforce this expectation throughout their school.

    Kind Hands was the next focus where students were introduced to the expectation during their February assembly where the choir sang a rendition of a Selena Gomez song. The talented PBIS committee members were able to re-write the lyrics and change the title to "I Keep My Hands To Myself." A music video was created and is used as a reinforcement of the expectation. Take a peak… I Keep My Hands to Myself video.