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    Assessments & Interventions


    ​GSSD uses many different forms of assessment to monitor student pro​gress and growth. These assessments determine what types of ​interventions for literacy the students will receive.  One division-wide reading assessment utilized is the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment.  
    There are three assessment periods during the year in GSSD.  Fall, Winter (optional) and Spring.  These assessments intervals provide a window of time for teachers to administer the Fountas and Pinnell assessment to their students and to enter the data into our system called Clevr.  The Fountas and Pinnell assessment allows teachers to get a "snapshot" of student reading growth and behaviors. 

    GSSD teachers also administer the RAD assessment to middle years students. RAD is a quick assessment tool that focuses on reading for information.  It is designed to provide students and teachers with information in three aspects of reading.  It is intended to be a quick, whole class assessment that helps students learn more about themselves as readers and helps teachers plan for systematic comprehension instruction. 


    Students who are in need of literacy intervention may be involved in Leveled Literacy Intervention.  LLI is a powerful, research-based early intervention program that can prevent literacy difficulties before they turn into long-term challenges. It is an accelerated, small-group, short term intervention program designed for students who struggle with reading and writing. Students receive this support in addition to solid classroom instruction. The goal of this intervention is to return the student to the classroom with competent and confident reading behaviours as soon as possible.​


       LLI Primary Systems


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                                                                                                                              F & P BAS 

    CLEVR.PNG CLEVR Data Management System