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Mar 19, 2018
School Day 1
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High School Online Resources

Through sharing partnerships with other school division and the development of online courses in GSSD over the last few years, high schools teachers have the ability to get copies of online courses which they can use simply as a resource or to utilize as a blended learning resource. Often this is a good way to start for teachers who don't have much experience with using a Learning Management system like Moodle.  Here is a list of courses which are available to teachers in GSSD:

​Accounting 10, 20

Biology 30

Chemistry 30

Communications Media 20​

​​ ​

If you are interested in a copy, contact Thad Swidzinski and a copy will be generated for you on our Moodle Server. The DL Coach will also come out and assist with Blended Learning ideas and how to use Moodle.